Shipping and Transportation

KMS operates on a 24/7/365 basis and has the requisite staff and resources to ensure
redundancy and therefor continual operations. The operations office has English speaking
staff, modern facilities, robust layered communications, redundant internet connectivity,
satellite communications and a fully integrated tracking system to monitor convoy
operations. The operations office is located in Kabul and we also have fully staffed offices at

Hairatan, Kabul City, Kandahar, Helmand and Herat.

KMS offers a diverse fleet of vehicles providing premium, reliable transportation regardless
of terrain, environment or weather.

Our well-maintained and reliable transportation fleet consists of all variety of cargo and
transportation vehicles required to move goods in the region. Our investment in the modern
fleet of trucks and communication network ensures timely and safe delivery of cargo.

KMS as a professional transportation company, owns and operates its own transport assets.
This includes a fleet of 540 fuel tankers. We have a dedicated operations and transport
management team who schedule vehicles as required ensuring our services remain in line,
or above the expectations of our customers with regard to contract performance. We will,
when required, subcontract vehicles to satisfy contract demands and our management team
ensures that the subcontractor meets our standards with regard to operational requirements,
procedures, quality assurance and vehicle standards.

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